Analysis of MCA as an AARP Alternative

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Analysis of MCA as an AARP Alternative


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Analysis of MCA as an AARP Alternative

Written by: Thomas R Coffee

American Association of Retired Person or the AARP has been around for more than 5 decades now. It is one of the well known not for profit organizations in the US. Members of this organization receive discounts on various services and products, such as their stay in motel rooms, life insurance premiums, Medicare, automobile insurance premiums, travel packages, and supplemental medications. However, many members often recover only the amount they pay for annual membership from such discounts because they do not use all such services in each year. Here is a critical examination of MCA or Motor Club of America MCA as an AARP alternative.

For starters, what would constitute as a good AARP Alternative?

An AARP alternative can only be termed as “good” if the services offered by it are comparable with those offered by AARP. This means people should list all the services that AARP offers, and collect relevant information from Google. Prices of such services and discounts can then be compared with those offered by other organizations such as Motor Club of America MCA and AAA.

Here are a few reasons that can tilt the balance in favor of organizations such as Motor Club of America MCA as an AARP Alternative.

1. AARP discounts are only for people who are more than 50 years old. Therefore, those who are less than 50 years old cannot get those discounts anyway from AARP.

2. AARP’s roadside services are not extensive enough. Crucial roadside services include emergency reimbursement, arrangement of bail bonds, protection of credit and debit cards, and payment of attorney fees. Since AARP does not offer every type of roadside service, members may have to make alternate arrangements for required assistance during any roadside emergencies. Another problem is that AARP offers its roadside services through third parties, unlike organizations such as MCA. This means it will take longer for processing those requests for assistance from AARP during any emergencies. In comparison, MCA’s roadside service network is worth $150,000 as of date and it is known to be prompt with its services. It can offer bail bonds of up to $25,000 in the event any of its members is booked for any traffic violations.

3. Organizations such as MCA also have referral programs, which can become a source of passive income for MCA members who succeed in persuading a few more people to join MCA. Relevant information about this program can be found on www.passiveliving.info.

4. MCA has a better hospital assistance plan than AARP. This is crucial for people above the age of 50 because chances of them being at the hospitals are often higher. MCA also offers discounts on regular checkups such as eye-checkups. There are no age restrictions for undergoing such checkups.

5. MCA members are also eligible for discounts on various purchases, which are not offered by AARP to its members.

6. Membership charges of MCA are fractionally lower when compared to those of AARP.

7. MCA also offers several perks to its members, which are not offered by AARP.

8. Discounts on insurance premiums that AARP offers are actually available for every person in market. Internet enables people to go on bargain hunting.


Many of the advantages that AARP members had before the arrival of Internet have ceased to remain as advantages. Organizations such as MCA now offer more to their members in comparison. Therefore, it is better to weigh pros and cons of such organizations, instead of blindly following the beaten track. Motor Club of America is the best AARP Alternative.


Analysis of MCA as an AARP Alternative

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