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CostCo Auto, what it is and what it isn’t.

Personally I’ve always been a member of Sam’s Wholesale Club (since my parents enjoyed buying in bulk to feed our huge family), but Costco members enjoy pretty much the same benefits with a few slight differentiations.  Whether it’s a big screen television, a kitchen sink, glasses, jewelry, gym memberships, fruit, toys, video games, movies, or whatever… it’s here. On one of my last visits they were even selling CARS… Yes cars! Though it may seem far-fetched, think about the cars you see in malls, at airports, casinos, etc. whether it’s to win it or to buy it. (I honestly don’t believe anyone ever wins those things and it’s nothing more than a ploy to gather consumer information in which for them to market to you nonstop trying to get your business while irritating the hell out of you… but that’s another story. Much like markers online… well the bad ones anyway) Amazingly enough, most people completely bypass the major  deals that these places. Think about this… If Costco offers a great deal on regular household products, you can imagine that those same savings would be passed on to the cars right? Well.. I honestly don’t know about Costco car sales to really speculate, but I’m just saying. They have easily obtained and withheld a membership base of over 50 Million members in the United States of America alone whom all shop at Costco at some point in time, especially considering a membership costs you yearly.

You might not (probably don’t know it), but Costco Auto program has outperformed all expectations and have sold over 1 million new cars in a 5 year time frame. Yes, you’ve heard me correctly, I said over one MILLION new cars. Now let’s see if you can find another ‘members only’ (saying members only made me think of those Members Only jackets, LMAO) exclusive stores to accomplish such incredible large numbers.

Costco Auto program sales

With rights to boast about more than 1 million completed new-car purchases during the past five years, the Costco Auto Program is supposingly one of the largest automobile buying programs that can be found. Not only that, but due to there being such a large amount of Costco members, it’s pretty easy to market to a huge range of people, whom many will possibly looking for another car or want to just buy one due to it being… well… a good deal.

How Costco Auto program can afford to sell cars at such a low price you ask? It’s because they have an ongoing affiliation with a very large network of car dealers and dealerships whom agree to sell to Costco exclusively, thus completely negating the need for a middle man (which would add premiums and such to add profit for them). This allows them to purchase these vehicles/automobiles at set prices and then turn around and resell them at reasonable cost while still generating a profit. buy offering you a savings great enough, you will spread word or come back for your next car, thus creating a great revenue stream for them in which they will make even more money in the long run and on the back-end. I’m telling you… next time you visit your local CostCo, be aware and you might possibly just see a brand new car or two placed in or at the store that you might have overlooked in the past. I’m not necessarily keen to buying a car from a place where I get food, lol, but hey… if they are selling so well enough for them to keep doing it, then I’m sure many will be more than willing to take advantage of the opportunity to grab a good deal if the time is right… you know… like income tax time, lol.

Costco Auto NOTE

IMPORTANT NOTICE: One must note that in the Costco Auto program, CostoCo cannot (by law) sell cars directly to customers due to laws involved with the auto industry, as only a dealer can sell a NEW car supposingly. Not quite sure what it is, but I hear it’s something to due with paper work and warranties as well as some other legalities, but even still… the Costco auto program negates a lot of the hassle that comes with going to a typcial car dealership. If it’s anything I hate, it’s going on a lot just to browse and get an idea for what I might want just to be hounded by some guy trying to make $250.00 by costing me $40,000.00+ on a new car. I’m like hell.. I’d rather pay you to go away than keep hounding me and trying to place me in a vehicle I don’t even want.

It’s also important to notice you will need some kind of roadside assistance program for your new car, and Costco auto program has a decent program but we recommend getting this program its only $19.95/month its worth to take a look even if you aren’t looking for a new car using Costco Auto program but would love to save some money.

One thing I believe CostCo Auto SHOULD sell though would be a great protection plan to pair along with their car deals. I mean, imagine the repoire they’d generate if someone went through the CostCo Auto program o buy a car, paired it with this assurance program (not insurance, ASSURANCE) and something happen and they wrote a review about it. Not saying that’s the only way, but you get what I mean. Some protection is better than no protection, so for the same price… why not the best?


Visit CostCo Auto Program for more information or to view inventory.

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