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In this article you will find everything you want to know about MCA Motor Club of America, similar companies like Empower Network, reviews, the benefits, how to make money and more. Though this is not the typical article you are used to, you will find it very informative in helping you to make an educated decision on whether or not you want to join the programs that me and many others are having great success with, as we have already been compensated over 6 figures so we know it can’t be a scam.

Empower Network, Motor Club of America, etc.

As of the past year or so, many programs (such as the Empower Network & MCA Motor Club of America) have been going extremely viral on the internet and creating 6-figure income earners in as little time anywhere from a couple of weeks to a year. What’s amazing is that even though these programs, systems, or whatever you want to call them have been proven to create so much wealth for many individuals, there are still tons of skeptics out there that will try to steer you away from them. My personal opinion on the Empower Network was that it was trash and a wasted idea due to the simple fact that it’s just a blog. The videos were very unprofessional, which I didn’t mind, but all it was a lot of blabbing and bragging from Dave & Dave (David Wood & David Sharpe) whom created it. Out of all of the videos I’d ever seen with Dave Woods, not one of them went by without mentioning people being wussies, fighting the forces of evil, mentioning he used to live out of his van, OR that he is in the mountains of Costa Rica. I’m like okay we get it… but when you think about it… he was branding himself and made SURE you knew that about him, and it obviously worked cause here I am talking about it, lol. But since we’re talking about the Empower Network, let’s get a bit more into it:

empower network make moneyMy thoughts on the Empower Network, how it was a scam to me, and why I changed my mind

Believe it or not, I was in the Empower Network from the beginning, waaay back when they were having tons of issues with processing, etc. To me it seemed more as ‘cash gifting‘ than an actual product because you didn’t really receive anything you couldn’t get for free. The marketing training was trash (no real training, other than blog this and blog that) at least in my opinion. In short… they were basically charging you for a product that you can get for FREE. It’s just a wordpress blog, supposingly optimized for search engines to help you rank better, but I found nothing of the sort. After countless issues with payments, etc. I just stopped promoting it for about a year but I recently looked back at it after a friend of mine Vick Strizheus recently made over $1 million dollars in 1 month from it. I know that sounds like bull$#!+, but trust me it’s not. He’s known as the king of traffic for a reason, due to his methods of generating huge amounts of views to anything he promotes. Another friend of mine, Alan Cosens, also swears by it and pushes it heavily. Though Mr. Cosens isn’t as known as Vick, he is a great guy all about his family and very straight forward in letting you know that he will help you spot an opportunity, but it’s up to you to take the initiative to make it work.

But anyways, back to what I was saying… after that year or so passed, I looked back and have come to see that the Empower Network has changed… tremendously. Back then there were conference calls containing lots of people yelling nonsense, singing, rapping, cussing, spamming their urls for their sites over the mic, etc. etc. SUPER unprofessional enough to turn anybody away. The site itself looked thrown together, but that’s finally changed. They now have their own merchant, so no more billing issues. Etc. etc. It’s so much that has changed, it makes me wonder how much I would be making right now had I just stayed in… O_o. Me and my best friend actually came in under Vick’s marketing platform that uses Empower Network, which is known as “Big Idea Mastermind” and she has created her own movement to help many others succeed called the Money Made Daily Movement, so be sure to check that out, as my concentration is currently dealing more with Motor Club of America (MCA).

The Empower Network is now one of the fast growing, legitimate companies which is changing so many lives it’s ridiculous. Think about it… What could an extra $200.00 a month income do for your household? What about an extra $1200.00? Now imagine that and think of these people that mysteriously popped in out of nowhere making as much as $750,000.00 in one month and at least $250,000.00 of that being monthly residual? If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, I’d suggest going through my friend’s front-end as she is working it more as a movement to help people change lives rather than just being a promoter. It’s basis is being built upon a refer 6 people and you can stop if you want as it continues to grow, but it is step-based, in which you have to complete a goal before trying to do too much and becoming overwhelmed. Very good program if I do say so myself. You can click the image below that she designed if you’d like to be taken to her page. It’s a lot to explain, but my advice to you would be to just get in… plain and simple.

So… what about these MCA Motor Club of America JOBS !?

Theoretically, there is no motor club of america employment position, despite what people believe. Motor Club of America is simply a service, which is provided by the TVC-Matrix, and by being a member of that service you are allowed to refer others for a very generous commission. Now some people have taken this to a whole new level and are marketing it like wildfire making 5 figures a month, but it’s still not technically a job, as they do not employ anyone. Yes, many people are quitting their jobs an using this as their only source of income, but in doing so one must understand that you get out what you put into this, as if you don’t make referrals you don’t get paid. No salary… no wage… just simply commission. Even though me and others are pulling numbers like $7k+ a week, that doesn’t mean you or anyone else you know will be able to duplicate these results. You have to seriously understand what is going on here and put time and effort into it on a continuous basis to make those kinds of numbers.

The relationship between time and money

The relationship between time and money

So With MCA Motor Club of America, Is It Easy To Make Money?

The simple answer is yes, but it all depends on your ethics. This takes us back to the original Time = Money theory. The more time you put into anything, the more your going to get out of it, period. There are those whom complain because they are not getting. Everything in regards of making money compared to your time will be in reference to your conversion ratio. What I mean by conversion ratio is… this. Some people complain about not being able to make any sales, so I ask them… how many people are you talking to? 100? 10? 2?  If someone talks to 20 people and nothing happens and they quit, then you don’t deserve the money anyway and need to get a regular job because if you have given up that quick, then your enthusiasm is going to b diminished and everyone you talk to is going to feel that. By the law of attraction, you have to believe in what you are promoting, thus why you need to be a member to promote it in the first place. Back to the topic of conversion ratios though, in short… if you have to talk to 100 people in order to get a sale, then your conversion ratio is 1% (1/100) so you know you need to talk to 100 people on average to get a sale. Now some people have conversion ratios as high as 70% (7/10 people buy) so they know if they want 70 sales, they can just talk to 100 people, and out of 1,000 people they get the information to, 700 on the average is going to buy, which means they can market and buy advertisments accordingly. Just starting out you won’t have the enthusiasm or be able to do this, so it’s going to take some time, but if you stick to it and take it seriously, you can reach these numbers quite easily. I don’t know what my current conversion rate is, but I do quite well from my promotions, including AmericaMotorClub.com.

So What About the MCA Motor Club of America Benefits… Are they real?

Of course they are… I mean, it wouldn’t be a company if there weren’t. Everyone wonders about the Motor Club of America Benefits and how they are offered, but you need to understand that most of the benefits are through a 3rd party in which MCA has a group discount and is simply adding you to the group so you can benefit as well. Though it’s not discussed, I know enough about business to know how that works without going into any major investigation.

Where are the MCA Motor Club of America Sign Up Forms Located?

You can signup online from here. There are forms that you can print out if you want to promote offline and have people fill them out in which you can submit them, but it’s much easier to just direct them to your url online, which will provide secure SSL encrypted transportation of their information. This will also probably boost your sales due to giving people more comfort in the security of their information. I know if I just met you, whether reputable or not, I would not volunteeringly just provide such information as my SSN, credit card number, bank account information, and so on. Would you!?

How are so many people making this mca money?

Some people are making huge amounts of what you are calling “mca money” because they are taking the business seriously and promoting in any and every way they can, thus including bad ways I truly don’t recommend like flashing cash everywhere, etc. The absolute BEST way to market motor club of america, IMHO (in my honest opinion), is quite simply to promote the product and it’s services, NOT the opportunity. Use the opportunity as a kicker, but you want to get them excited about the services so they want to take part and enjoy that first. A lot of people put too much emphasis on making money and no benefits, which is why people sometimes think there is a motor club of america scam when there is not. you do NOT want this to happen folks. Take your business serious and promote it in a professional manner. You may not get as many sales as fast, but you will also grow a REAL team of individuals, not just some people trying to convince people to join because they can make money… that’s not what this is about… at all.

Lastly, is Motor Club of America accredited in the Better Business Bureau.

From my knowledge, NO they are not, and I don’t know where that whole theory comes from. If you do see it there, it’s from an independent representative putting his name on something and getting a listing. Honestly, who cares!? The BBB (Better Business Bureau) is a bought off service that anyone can have an A rating simply by paying the Better Business Bureau a fee of about $500.00. Trust me, they aren’t who you think they are, it’s simply a business where people can buy accreditation. I’m not going to touch that topic much further, but take my word for it… it’s gold. If you solely base your opinion on a business’s practices from the Better Business Bureau alone, you are sadly mistaken. in fact, most of the most well known scams had B or higher ratings in the Better Business Bureau, so it means nothing. 😉




MCA Motor Club of America

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