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Need an Alternative to AARP !? Join the Motor Club of America instead.

Often referred to as MCA, the Motor club of America is considered the best alternative to AARP, due to how much a person actually stands to benefit from becoming a member. Thuogh it may seem that only drivers can benefit from this program, there is a lot more than meets the eye as you will shortly discover. Below, as we compare Motor Club of America (MCA) to AARP, it will clearly be revealed just how superior the service is for it’s clients than AARP as well as many other discount service options.

The Alternative to AARP

Previously it would’ve been difficult to find a good alternative to AARP, especially when you had no awareness whatsoever about the services offered in which to make a proper comparison. Consequently, one can select a few of the services listed and look to the internet to find such answers. The better deal, of course, will be the one that provides you with more services of a higher quality at a reasonable cost, whether it be slightly more or less, pending on the services therein to be provided. Knowing this, while performing your research, be sure that you compare the prices along with the services and read the reviews on such services. Yes, AARP provides good services to its members, BUT they are geared more towards older people of age, generally those whom are at least 50 years old, thus leaving anyone under that age range to yearn for more, if anything at all. This would almost automatically leave you forced to find an alternative to AARP. Below you may have a brief look at how MCA serves as a great alternative to AARP.

First things first, let’s begin by eliminating the idea that MCA and AARP are so much alike. MCA should be seen moreso as an alternative to AARP. Why? Well… because it is even better than AARP, of course. Since its inception in 1926, MCA has overcome many challenges to emerge as the best in regards to this particular niche of traveller’s benefits. If you don’t believe that, just examine the amazingly rapid growth in membership to the service. Currently, the company boasts a membership of over 9 million in Canada and the US. Folks, this is HUGE and basically lets you know from the jump how serious it is. Why would so many people be rushing to join a company if they were not secure in it?


What Services & Benefits offered by the MCA

1. A 24-hour emergency service. This feature has made this service provider quite popular in the market since its members are able to get aid at any time of the day. Accidents are unpredictable and thus can occur even at midnight. Therefore, having a provider who can take care of you at that time is very comforting.

2. A $500 emergency-room advantage. In the event one is hospitalised, MCA pays about $150 for every day spent in the hospital which amounts to about $54,750 a year. In addition to a patient’s insurance, the institution pays the whole amount.

3. Members receive discounts on prescription, vision, procedures and dental treatments.

4. Death benefit. When a member dies, his/her estate receives a death benefit of about $10000.

5. A global travel assistance. It has a program that provides emergency services to its members worldwide when they are about 100 miles from their homes.

6. Members are also entitled to discounts on air travels and vacations when they plan trips and reservations overseas.

7. Members get a $25000 bail bond to cushion them if charged with any violation while moving a vehicle.

8. Members enjoy a $500 bond certificate when arrested and an additional $3000 in attorney fees.

9. One receives $1000 to protect their credit cards.

Furthermore, the MCA total security packages offer benefits valued to be over $150,000 in worth, and thus can be considered as a great alternative to AARP. For a fee of about $19.95, a member will enjoy affordable and comprehensive services. You can even enjoy things such as personal commissions, tax breaks for small businesses, and monthly rewards (residual passive income) if you choose to take part. There is without a doubt a lot to gain by simply being a member of MCA.

For additional information on this alternative to AARP CLICK HERE

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