Safety Insurance

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Safety Insurance, good… but best company!?

Safety Insurance

Founded in 1980, Safety Insurance has become the a preferred provider of automotive and casualty insurance in Massachusetts, mainly by focusing on the unique needs of independent insurance agents and their customers.It’s personal insurance products to the New Hampshire in October late 2008.

Now the truth about Safety Insurance is that’s a MEGA RIPOFF!
Lets see what YELP review customers had to say about them:
” Beware! If you file a claim with Safety don’t expect much help. My wifes car was involved in a hit and run and after deductible they only covered 40% of damage. What the hell are we paying for?
Feel scammed on top of being hit by a unknown criminal scum. So angry ”

” For over 18 years ,My cars , my house were always insured by Safety Insurance .
their premiums are reasonable because they nickel and dime their insurers.
Not until recently when my car was damaged by a hit and run incident that I realize what a horrific insurance Safety is . Upon making the initial claim they treated me like a criminal . They were predetermined to deny my claim .They presume their customers are liars and criminals till they (customers) prove their innocence . They are willing to hire an expensive Expert to prove me wrong when they could just pay for my compelling claim . Their customer service is poor. They transfer my call before I finish my sentence . (They always end up sending me to the wrong department) . Their adjusters and managers are rude, unprofessional and word mediocrity describe them well. They don’t answer or return my calls or emails . When I request answers or further details to their decision , they just don’t reply. When I try to have a conversation with the Adjuster he likes to probe me and when he doesn’t like the answers he feels I am being none cooperative . Safety Insurance should be avoided and not to be trusted. They are their for one purpose to : exploit their insurers . their premiums are somehow reasonable because they nickel and dime their insurers. There are a lot of great and few bad insurances out there. . Safety, champion the awful ones . ”

“So, just due to the awful weather in 2011 I ended up with 3 or 4 claims (actually, just 2, but they wanted to wring more deductibles out of me; 2 more after my iniyial post of 3/28/11) … they decided (unilaterally) to not renew the home insurance, so now I have to go with the inappropriately-named “FAIR” Plan of MA, which is anything but fair, because now no other insurer will insure the house. Premium doubled.

Safety and their inept CEO are being reported to the AG’s office for this — I feel great pity for those that lost a lot (or all) due to tornadoes and storms in 2011 and had the misfortune to have these idiots as their insurance.

People: Be Warned!! Safety is NOT NICE and will RIP YOU OFF [even more than your average insurer will].”

“Safety Insurance is by far the worst insurance company I’ve dealt with, and could very well be the worst auto insurance company in the state of Massachusetts if not the Eastern Seaboard.

My ordeal started when my broker – Old Heritage Insurance – switched my carrier from Commerce to Safety around August of 2008. Interestingly, when we moved from East Boston to Winthrop (a decidedly quieter, safer area), my rates with Safety went UP by $30/year.

I like paying bills online whenever possible, and for some reason my November bill never went through. Safety’s website is a joke though, so I shouldn’t have been surprised. All you need to access your account is the policy number, and from there all you can do is either pay a bill or file a claim. You can’t access your policy information, payment information, nothing.

So I got a letter in the mail informing me of my pending cancellation, and took the opportunity to shop around for different carriers. Not only did Plymouth Rock save me over $400/year (through the same broker), but they expressed amazement that Safety had actually raised my rates for moving to Winthrop.

I got a revised bill in the mail, with a phone number and extension to call to settle it. I called that number and extension and left 3 increasingly irate messages, telling the representative that I was calling to settle my bill but that I couldn’t do it if he never answered his phone and never returned calls. Finally, on the 4th attempt (2 weeks after I’d left the first message), I chose to speak with a different representative, and settled my bill through her. I asked her if the person I’d originally been trying to reach had been on vacation or out of the office for some other reason. She replied “No, he’s in the office currently and hasn’t been away.” I ended up speaking to the supervisor and filing a formal complaint.

Finally, when I thought I was done with all of this, I got a letter from Plymouth Rock informing me that my policy with them was due to be cancelled in 3 weeks. I called them up and asked why, and was informed that the RMV showed an outstanding balance owed to my previous insurance carrier. I couldn’t believe it. I called Safety up and the representative I spoke with told me they’d never reported my previous outstanding balance to the RMV, and confirmed that I’d paid it on time and hadn’t accrued any additional fees. When I asked her to check the RMV records using my license number, lo and behold! There’s the report of the outstanding balance that was “never reported.”

Long story short: Safety’s auto rates are astoundingly high, the website sucks, my payment got lost in cyberspace leading to Safety threatening to cancel my policy, the representative assigned to collect my final payment blew me off repeatedly, and then somehow Safety reported my paid bill to the RMV as unpaid, leading to a cancellation notice from my current carrier.


Source for all these reviews: http://www.yelp.com/biz/safety-insurance-boston

Safety Insurance

Now that we concluded the truth behind the company and its over priced and hidden fee’s and red / yellow tape behind the fake politics and sketchy things they do I will leave you with this next paragraph on the VERY BEST alternative to Safety Insurance.

Best Safety Insurance alternative

MCA [Motor Club Of America] was founded in 1926 that’s 87 years of happy customers and over 7 Million active happy customers.
What is the monthly cost of MCA? $20/Month for the basic package that is already blowing Safety Insurance out of the water.
The other packages include Gold [$30/month] and Platinum [$40/month] Pictured below are all the benefits of being a member of MCA it dosen’t only destroy Safety Insurance but also AAA Geico all state etc just look!

safety insurance

safety insurance


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