Below a blurred screenshot of the complete training material you will have access to once you become a member.

Some examples of the things you will find on the training site are:

  • what people to market to
  • online marketing methods
  • offline marketing methods
  • where to advertise
  • where to purchase advertisements
  • where to get leads
  • post card marketing
  • e-mail marketing
  • flyers (including samples to use)
  • training videos
  • etc. etc.


MCA Training



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The information being provided herein upon this site is my own written works in which to best convey the entire Benefits Packages & Opportunity in a shortened format in which a person can make a speedy decision.

MCA Reps’ Video Testimonials

William Saunders
Made $109,356.20 in his first 27 weeks Nina Brown
Averages over $4,000.00+ a week Krystal Taylor
Made over a $90,000.20 in 9 months Elizabeth Martin

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